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Of course we don't do everything ourselves, of course our goods have to come from somewhere and of course we have chosen great partners who sell high-quality products. We are proud to be able to resell these selected products and stand behind the values of our partners. So that we don't talk our mouths off when you're with us and to make everything as transparent as possible, we'll introduce you to the main pillars of our café here. Without these partners, we could not offer you this offer. We look forward to working together for a better and more sustainable future.

Natural food Elkershausen


Action for the future

For us, economic trading in goods and consistent action to shape the future belong together. We have been working closely with the entire value chain for more than 40 years to make things better. Ecologically and socially. In order for this to work, 150 employees are committed every day, paid according to collectively agreed wages.


Naturkost Elkershausen GmbH
Levinstrasse 9
37079 Goettingen


Phone: +49 551 50 66 10
Fax: +49 551 50 66 155


Joliente coffee roastery


In our coffee roastery in the Niedersachsenpark, we dedicate ourselves to roasting different coffees every day. Every single one of us gets our full attention so that we can get the best out of the beans and offer different coffees for every taste.


We love good coffee - and that's why we do everything we can to make it as good as possible. It starts with the careful selection of the highest quality green coffee, continues with the gentle and precisely monitored drum roasting and only ends with the drink that has been prepared as perfectly as possible. We give our best in all of these areas every day and we think: You can taste it!


In many coffee-growing areas around the world, people live in poverty. For example in Tanzania, where there are many orphans and street children. The GOOD HOPE CENTER eV has been taking care of these children since 2006. We support the work of GOOD HOPE so that these children can enjoy a future worth living in.


Joliente GmbH & Co. KG
Von-Galen-Platz 1
49586 Neuenkirchen


Joliente coffee roastery
Lingener Strasse 1
49597 Rieste


Phone: 054935484128



Fair handwork out of love for the cheese from Goettingen Manufactory

The founder of Cashewrella, Udo Flachs Nóbrega, loves cheese. When he decides to go vegan, he doesn't want to do without it. After numerous series of tests, he developed the Vamembert's from cashews, which you can try with us. The special feature: His cheese alternatives mature in the vaulted cellar and are prepared by hand.

Organic, regional, fair - that and nothing else is the demand on the ingredients in all Cashewrella products. For each ingredient, it is first checked whether it is available regionally and only then nationwide or internationally. For example, the chives for the crema come from an organic farmer in Göttingen and are only available seasonally. With the main ingredient, the cashews, however, an exception is necessary.

"I don't want to replace animal suffering with human suffering." That became clear to Udo when he started making cheese alternatives based on nuts. No animals are exploited here. But conventional nuts are often produced under conditions that are hazardous to health and exploitative for workers in the growing countries and in Asia. That's why only fair cashews from our cooperative in Burkina Faso go into the cheese at Cashewrella - fair for everyone.


moments of happiness
Tiefenbrunner Strasse 1
37124 Rosdorf-Mengershausen


Phone: +49176 / 105 551 67​

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